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CareCo Customer Experience

I was the lead UX designer in defining the customer experience for CareCo, a new business being created by a large Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliate. Using Maddock Douglas customer segmentation and other research, we held stakeholder interviews, conducted a user experience workshop with business and technology stakeholders, and created a customer experience roadmap.




Major Insurance and Risk Management Provider

A large global insurance and risk management provider came to Wire Stone, an international design and branding agency, to combine several of their websites into a single, unified experience. Working with the Wire Stone team, I led the user experience track of the redesign. We worked with the the client team to create a navigation structure that could support their many solution offerings and industry practices. The site design also included a knowledge center, which houses all of the client’s thought leadership articles, as well as presenting them in a context-appropriate way throughout the site. I built the design prototype in HTML/CSS using the Foundation responsive framework.

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Juno Lighting Group

Working with the creative team at Wire Stone, I led the user experience work stream for the redesign of Juno makes thousands of lighting products across a wide range of product categories. Our goal in the redesign was to make it easier for Juno’s customers to find exactly the item they need. We created two browsing paths–a hierarchical browsing structure with product filters for quickly narrowing your search, and a product selector, which helps you quickly narrow your search from thousands, to dozens, to the exact product you need. I created the page designs in HTML/CSS using the Foundation responsive web framework.

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Health Insurance Member Portal

While working at Maddock Douglas, I was the user experience lead in redesigning the member portal for a major regional health insurance carrier. In the first phase of the project, we conducted a two-day user experience workshop with the client project team, during which we defined high level “journey flows” through key aspects of the experience. Over the next few months, we developed high level wireframes and page designs around our ideal experience. My team created a data-driven prototype and scripted three different user scenarios, which we tested with customers from our target segments.

Armed with the feedback from these sessions, I was the UX lead in the development of wireframes, process flows, prototypes, and other artifacts throughout a year-long Agile development cycle, coordinating with business analysts, client stakeholders, content strategists, and programmers.



Burger King’s Club BK

“If you gaze at the night sky long enough, you might be amazed at what you see…” So begins the introduction at Club BK, Burger King’s site for kids. In Club BK, you can customize your avatar, play games, buy clothes and toys for your room, explore different worlds, make buddies (and teleport to them!) and much more. I worked with Chicago-based Design Kitchen as Flash architect and lead developer for the Club BK platform. The platform is built on a custom ActionScript 2-based port of the PureMVC framework and its Pipes utility. I wrote much of the underlying functionality, including the avatar system, the clothing system, and the Flash Media Server-based multiplayer functionality. Club BK - Avatar Configurator Club BK - Inventory Club BK - Gustev Club BK - Coastline


Restroom RoomBuilder

A leading manufacturer of restroom divider systems wanted an application that would allow their customers to order and customize restroom configurations. The result was the RoomBuilder, an Adobe Flex based application that allowed the client’s customers to visually design a room layout, add standard assemblies of restroom stalls and privacy screens, and customize them by changing part sizes, colors, door swing, hardware, mounting style, and other factors. It would also generate a PDF document of the configuration that the customer could use as an aid in installing the purchased system.
The RoomBuilder application was built to work with the client’s backend cataloging and quoting system. Customers can start an order in the quoting system, add to or modify it in the RoomBuilder application, and send it back to the quoting system for validation and quoting.

Start with a default rectangle, create an opening at a corner, and size the walls to match your room.
Accurate - Draw Walls

Drag and drop assemblies into the room. Assemblies are shown to scale, including the gaps between pieces, which can differ across panel materials.
Accurate - Compartment Selected

Modify room parameters including panel material, color, hardware, mount style, and more. Accurate - Parameters screen

The Flex application can also generate a PDF that lists the job specifications and includes dimensioned drawings.
Accurate - PDF Report

Laticrete - thumbnail

Laticrete Floor Warming Room Layout System

I worked with the Chicago interactive studio littlegreencube to create this *rich internet application* for creating room layouts for in-floor heating. The application allows users to select a basic room shape, resize the room to any size by dragging the walls, create angled walls, and place room objects like furniture, bathroom fixtures, doors, and windows. The final result shows the total area that needs to be heated.
The application comprises several screens and uses many custom UI controls. Room objects can be dragged and dropped, rotated, snapped, and scaled. Objects have minimum and maximum sizes and other properties that can be set and loaded through an XML file. There is also a custom print view.
I did all the application architecture, class design, and programming, based on UI and visual design by littlegreencube.
Check it out and design a room at the Laticrete website.

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Motorola WiMAX Presentation

I worked with Design Kitchen to on this Flash presentation for a Motorola trade show exhibit. It features the Motorola WiMAX technology, infrastructure, and devices, in a fluid interactive interface. Design by Design Kitchen, animation and programming by me.

Project Tool - thumb

Project Planning Tool

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client needed a way to track projects across multiple product groups, against data from a variety of disparate sources. Working with the a project team at Braun Consulting, the uncanny NORDBOT and I designed and built this Flash-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) to combine these disparate data sets into a single, cohesive display, for more effective comparisons and decision making.

The application features:

  • Connection to a J2EE/Documentum web application through an OpenAMF (Open source data integration for Flash, similar to Flash Remoting) gateway
  • A fully object-oriented ActionScript class architecture
  • Integrated data from multiple sources
  • A Gantt chart display, sortable into six different views and three different timescales, all without a new trip to the server
  • Printable charts

Planning Tool main screen

Screen for setting parameters for planning tool

Detail of printed planning tool pages

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Orbitz and CheapTickets Integration

Not long after the popular travel site Orbitz was acquired by Cendant Corp. there was a massive internal project to integrate the other Cendant travel Web sites into the proven Orbitz application architecture. In the summer of 2005, I worked with the Orbitz team to migrate both Orbitz and the first of these sites,, into a modern J2EE model-view-controller architecture. We used Struts, Tiles, and JSTL to create a very flexible page structure. We used XHTML and CSS to separate the visual style from the document structure, so that the same underlying page code could be used across multiple Cendant properties, resulting in a smaller codebase and a more stable and consistent user experience.

Orbitz - Orbitz screen

Orbitz - CheapTickets screen