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Burger King’s Club BK

“If you gaze at the night sky long enough, you might be amazed at what you see…” So begins the introduction at Club BK, Burger King’s site for kids. In Club BK, you can customize your avatar, play games, buy clothes and toys for your room, explore different worlds, make buddies (and teleport to them!) and much more. I worked with Chicago-based Design Kitchen as Flash architect and lead developer for the Club BK platform. The platform is built on a custom ActionScript 2-based port of the PureMVC framework and its Pipes utility. I wrote much of the underlying functionality, including the avatar system, the clothing system, and the Flash Media Server-based multiplayer functionality. Club BK - Avatar Configurator Club BK - Inventory Club BK - Gustev Club BK - Coastline


Restroom RoomBuilder

A leading manufacturer of restroom divider systems wanted an application that would allow their customers to order and customize restroom configurations. The result was the RoomBuilder, an Adobe Flex based application that allowed the client’s customers to visually design a room layout, add standard assemblies of restroom stalls and privacy screens, and customize them by changing part sizes, colors, door swing, hardware, mounting style, and other factors. It would also generate a PDF document of the configuration that the customer could use as an aid in installing the purchased system.
The RoomBuilder application was built to work with the client’s backend cataloging and quoting system. Customers can start an order in the quoting system, add to or modify it in the RoomBuilder application, and send it back to the quoting system for validation and quoting.

Start with a default rectangle, create an opening at a corner, and size the walls to match your room.
Accurate - Draw Walls

Drag and drop assemblies into the room. Assemblies are shown to scale, including the gaps between pieces, which can differ across panel materials.
Accurate - Compartment Selected

Modify room parameters including panel material, color, hardware, mount style, and more. Accurate - Parameters screen

The Flex application can also generate a PDF that lists the job specifications and includes dimensioned drawings.
Accurate - PDF Report