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Orbitz and CheapTickets Integration

Not long after the popular travel site Orbitz was acquired by Cendant Corp. there was a massive internal project to integrate the other Cendant travel Web sites into the proven Orbitz application architecture. In the summer of 2005, I worked with the Orbitz team to migrate both Orbitz and the first of these sites,, into a modern J2EE model-view-controller architecture. We used Struts, Tiles, and JSTL to create a very flexible page structure. We used XHTML and CSS to separate the visual style from the document structure, so that the same underlying page code could be used across multiple Cendant properties, resulting in a smaller codebase and a more stable and consistent user experience.

Orbitz - Orbitz screen

Orbitz - CheapTickets screen

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Disney’s Little Einsteins™

In summer 2005, the Baby Einstein company was preparing to launch its new creation, a young children’s TV program called Little Einsteins. I worked with the designers at Grey Matter Collective to develop the Web site. The site is built almost entirely in Flash and features engaging animation, video clips from the show, games, and educational activities. The creative direction was done by the Grey Matter design team, and I did the Flash programming and animation.

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Manufacturing Business Process Analysis

A global manufacturer of heavy industrial machines developed a system that allows them to custom configure the truck bodies they manufacture for a customer’s specific site and task characteristics, resulting in trucks that weigh less and can carry heavier payloads. The process is so successful that demand is overwhelming their existing business and manufacturing processes. They engaged my client, a top Chicago design agency, to analyze their business process from order to product delivery, and provide recommendations. I interviewed stakeholders and produced a detailed business process analysis, with recommendations for specific improvements to eliminate redundancy, reduce manual data entry, and provide a unified information repository.

Business Process Analysis - screen 2

Business Process Analysis - screen 2