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MSAlliance: English and French

The Canadian sites and needed their site to display both English and French content. I designed a PHP and XML framework to display content in both languages using the same templates. The content was in HTML fragments output by Documentum, and I used a custom PHP XML parser to create a table of contents, and to display content and graphics in the appropriate language.

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Cellular South, a wireless provider serving several Southern states, had two main business requirements: they wanted to encourage more of their customers to manage their accounts online, and they wanted to make their online store easier to use.
Working with the design and technical team at Cramer-Krasselt, I created site maps for the public e-commerce site and Customer Care site. I also created a unified checkout process that accounted for four different classes of customers and the dependencies between phones, plans, and accessories.

With the architecture and requirements established, I helped to develop and implement a skinnable XHTML/CSS page structure that featured four user-selectable “skins” and Flash-based dynamic page title graphics. I integrated the design into a BEA Weblogic-based J2EE application.

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Pfizer manages a broad family of websites for its products, and while the sites serve similar purposes–often there are two sites for a given product, one for consumers and one for doctors–they must have different branding and be able to serve different audiences.
The team at Braun Consulting implemented a BEA WebLogic Portal platform with a Documentum CMS, and and were the first two sites deployed. The visual designs were done by two different teams; I created an XHTML/CSS page structure that allowed the same pages and components to be deployed with different look and feel across multiple sites.

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The Goodman Theatre Web Site

I worked with the Goodman’s Marketing department to define the business requirements, content inventory, and information architecture for the site. The site included synopses of all the plays, the season calendar, an archive of press releases, and a mini-site about the New Goodman Theatre, then under construction at the Goodman’s current location at 170 N. Dearborn. I also did the visual designs and all HTML and JavaScript programming.



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Bosch Tools Kiosk

Bosch wanted to develop an interactive kiosk that would allow shoppers at Home Depot or other home improvement stores to search for the right accessory for a given job. I created a document that illustrated the task flow and screen layouts for the application.

Bosch - screenshot

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Bank of America: Asset Allocator

Bank of America engaged AGENCY.COM to develop a Web-based version of the software their financial advisors were using to recommend investment portfolios to their clients. Working with the client and the design team, I analyzed the existing system and created a site architecture, workflow, and wireframes for the entire application.
As a side project while I was working on this, I developed a proof-of-concept Flash application using the Efficient Frontier. The idea was that the Flash app would load in data points describing the arc of the Efficient Frontier, and each point would have an associated portfolio allocation. We ended up not using the idea, but I thought it had promise.

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Dynamic Flash Site Map

A client wanted a more engaging and usable site map for their intranet. I built this prototype using Flash. The site map is built dynamically, on the fly, based on an XML document of the site’s structure. It resizes itself automatically based on the size of the map and the available space, and the boxes on the map enlarge on rollover for better readability.
Click here to launch the dynamic Flash site map in a new window.
Screenshot of dynamic site map


Health Portal: Common Web Platform

A major pharmaceuticals client engaged Braun Consulting to create a health information portal. The client wanted to resell health sites to its own corporate customers–each site would be based on the components of the BEA Weblogic common Web platform, and each would have a different “skin.”

I worked with visual designers and the application team to create XHTML that would allow maximum visual design flexibility with a minimum of changes to the application code. The platform launched with six different skins available; it now hosts dozens of different sites.



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Global Product Intranets

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client retained Braun Consulting to design and build a series of global product intranets (GPIs) for several of their product groups. The sites would all make leverage a common BEA WebLogic enterprise application codebase, but since each GPI site served a different product, each had to have its own visual design.

I created a common XHTML structure that could be used on all the GPI sites. Virtually all formatting information, including column widths, margins, padding, type, and color information is stored in the stylesheet for each site, and the XHTML markup is largely the same for each site. This strategy resulted in pages 50% smaller than previous GPI sites, and a semantically correct, fast-loading structure that works across sites.

GPI - screen 1

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