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Global Product Intranets

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client retained Braun Consulting to design and build a series of global product intranets (GPIs) for several of their product groups. The sites would all make leverage a common BEA WebLogic enterprise application codebase, but since each GPI site served a different product, each had to have its own visual design.

I created a common XHTML structure that could be used on all the GPI sites. Virtually all formatting information, including column widths, margins, padding, type, and color information is stored in the stylesheet for each site, and the XHTML markup is largely the same for each site. This strategy resulted in pages 50% smaller than previous GPI sites, and a semantically correct, fast-loading structure that works across sites.

GPI - screen 1

GPI - screen 2

GPI - screen 3

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