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Project Planning Tool

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client needed a way to track projects across multiple product groups, against data from a variety of disparate sources. Working with the a project team at Braun Consulting, the uncanny NORDBOT and I designed and built this Flash-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) to combine these disparate data sets into a single, cohesive display, for more effective comparisons and decision making.

The application features:

  • Connection to a J2EE/Documentum web application through an OpenAMF (Open source data integration for Flash, similar to Flash Remoting) gateway
  • A fully object-oriented ActionScript class architecture
  • Integrated data from multiple sources
  • A Gantt chart display, sortable into six different views and three different timescales, all without a new trip to the server
  • Printable charts

Planning Tool main screen

Screen for setting parameters for planning tool

Detail of printed planning tool pages

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