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Laticrete Floor Warming Room Layout System

I worked with the Chicago interactive studio littlegreencube to create this *rich internet application* for creating room layouts for in-floor heating. The application allows users to select a basic room shape, resize the room to any size by dragging the walls, create angled walls, and place room objects like furniture, bathroom fixtures, doors, and windows. The final result shows the total area that needs to be heated.
The application comprises several screens and uses many custom UI controls. Room objects can be dragged and dropped, rotated, snapped, and scaled. Objects have minimum and maximum sizes and other properties that can be set and loaded through an XML file. There is also a custom print view.
I did all the application architecture, class design, and programming, based on UI and visual design by littlegreencube.
Check it out and design a room at the Laticrete website.

Resize the room by dragging walls

Create angled walls by toggling corners on and off

Place objects by dragging them into the room

The final screen shows the total heated area in square feet.

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