Burger King’s Club BK

I was the Flash architect and lead developer for Club BK, an immersive multiplayer environment for kids.


Restroom RoomBuilder

I created this Adobe Flex-based application for creating highly customizable room layouts and configurations for a leading restroom system manufacturer.

Project Tool - thumb

Project Planning Tool

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client needed a graphical publication management tool that would unify their planning into a single display from several different data sources. The solution became this Flash-based rich Internet application.

Little Einsteins - thumbnail

Disney’s Little Einsteins™

In summer 2005, I worked with the designers at Grey Matter Collective to create the Web site for Disney’s Little Einsteins, a new TV program for young children.

World map - thumb

Global Product Launch Map

A Fortune 500 pharma client wanted to be able to graphically depict the launch status of a product in all the countries where they do business. I developed this XML-driven Flash map for the project.


Dynamic Flash Site Map

A client wanted a more engaging and usable site map for their intranet. I built this prototype using Flash.

Slideshow - thumbnail

Flash & XML Slide Presentation

Our client wanted a way to present a slideshow showcasing two sites we had built for them. I designed a Flash and XML solution to handle both sites.